Presbyterian Women
National Capital Presbytery           Synod of Mid-Atlantic

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Not to be missed and coming up sooner than you know:

Ecumenical Advocacy Days, April 16-19, 2021

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**Are you in need of some information  on the latest Bible Study materials/resources  and  world wide missions of Presbyterian Women: LOOK at Horizons

**Please consider keeping up with  our own PCUSA Ministry at the United Nations. You can subscribe at

 **Very good resources for PW women is located at our PW national site: LOOK here.

**ALSO our most recent Quarterly Newsletter for PW Leaders may be found here: OPEN 

PW/NCP has scholarships, please contact Moderator(s) for additional information:

Current By Laws as of Spring 2016: Here

Cluster Coordinator list by region:



Channel Spring 2015  Open
     Peggy Sission,  complete Annual 2014 Report, Click

Channel Winter  2014 - 2015  Open

Channel Fall 2014   Open

Channel Spring 2014  Open
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     Moderator Peggy Sisson Report for year 2013, Click
     Marilyn Dorn, Clusters A & B, complete report, Click.

Channel Winter 2013-14  Open
     Peggy Sission Complete Annual report: Click

Channel Fall 2013 - Open

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